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School hours during summer recess: M-Thur from 8-4 and Fri from 8-noon.  Appointments can be made for anytime outside of these hours.  Summer school is in progress.

Message from the President

Dear Detroit Cristo Rey School Community,

As each of us in our own way try to come to terms with the latest violent tragedy, our prayers and deepest sympathies go out to the Uvalde, Texas community during this unimaginable and heartbreaking time.

Social/emotional support is available to all of our students as needed at the school, but we also want to encourage conversations at home.  As we were recently reminded by our Fr. Jose Del Toro, bringing up topics like this shooting in Uvalde can be very difficult, but may help us and our loved ones process such losses of innocent lives.  We might ask "where is God in all of this?"  As part of our theology teaching we have continually taught our students that we often have no control over what might happen. And most times, we don't.  But we also remind them that the more we start considering ourselves a family, the better we are able to watch out for each other and be there for each other. That's how we show each other that there is good in the world and that God exists, leading us along on our journey.   Though we may not be able to take away anyone's pain, they will know that they're not alone.  We remind them that the worst thing to do is to hold it in, whether it be a response to a death, a family fight, a national or personal tragedy, or something else.  And, that it takes courage to come forward and tell a trusted individual that they need someone to listen and not hold it in.  A "Helpful Resources for Conversations with Children" is attached for your help in having discussions with your students. 

As Fr. Jose also prayed just today during morning prayers:
We ask, O Lord, that you comfort those families wounded by the events in Uvalde, Texas.  Care for the souls who grieve and help us work for greater and lasting peace.  Help us to transform our own hearts, to turn from violence, and to seek peaceful ways of resolving differences,  Let our hands connect with those who feel alone, those who live in fear, and those suffering from mental illness.  Let our voices be raised asking lawmakers to create the means to protect all in our society, especially those most vulnerable.  And let our choices be those that make our nation a healthy, holy home.  We ask this in the name of Jesus Your Son, who lives and reigns with your and the Holy Spirit, the Lord and giver of life.  Amen.
We also want to ensure our entire community that our top priority is to ensure a safe learning environment for our students.  As always, we encourage any student to report anything they see or hear that is of concern, to the OK2SAY confidential tip line or to reach out to a staff member.  All threats are thoroughly investigated.

OK2SAY: Michigan Student Safety Tip Line (Anonymous)
Detroit Cristo Rey High School has worked with public safety providers to establish security systems that are designed to provide students and staff with a safe physical environment that supports learning.  We perform safety drills to practice what to do in the event of an emergency and we will continue to comply with these systems and practices to provide our students with a safe and successful conclusion to the school year.
Mr. Lynch

Detroit Cristo Rey opened in 2008during the “Great Recession”, with a simple goal of preparing our students to graduate from college. Now as we maneuver through over a year with the COVID-19 pandemic, the goal remains unchanged, though the challenges are like none the school has experienced before 


As I take over the helm from Mike Khoury, who built a strong foundation for this school along with the hard work and dedication of very committed team, I am humbled by the generosity of so many.  Since our Corporate Work Study Program Partners have been hard hit by the economic effects of the pandemic, thsupport from individuals and foundations has played an even more important role.  However, we have not yet weathered this storm.   


The Corporate Work Study Program is the most distinctive feature of the Cristo Rey concept, complementing the school’s academic program with one day per week of real-life work experience in many of the finest businesses and organizations in metro Detroit. The Corporate Partners are a vital part of this unique academic approach, allowing the school to make a faith-based, student-centered education available at a very affordable cost while equipping the students for personal and professional success. 


Does your company have a challenge recruiting and maintaining qualified minority workers? Is your company’s target market demographic changing to a heavier mix of minority customers? If the answer is “Yes” to either response, then Detroit Cristo Rey can be a valuable partner. Our Corporate Work Study Program functions as a pipeline supplying diverse, qualified workers who are developing the right skills to assume the challenging jobs of the future.  The school and the Corporate Work Study Program are distinct legal entities and the CWSP is a non-religious non-profit organization. CWSP is a training and temporary employment agency, similar to Manpower, whose purpose is to provide entry-level support to clients.  


On the bright side, and there are so many, our graduates continue entering and graduating from college at two to three times the national average! Our alumni currently study at Yale, Dartmouth, Michigan, Michigan State and many other outstanding schools. They have already earned degrees from Notre Dame, Loyola, Michigan, Michigan State, Howard and Wayne State to name a few. 


We are proud to be part of the Cristo Rey Network, one of 37 schools utilizing one of the most exciting and innovative models of education in the country.  We dare to dream big! 

Located at the corner of Vernor and Junction on the Most Holy Redeemer campus, Detroit Cristo Rey High School is sponsored by the Basilian Fathers and the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and is committed to providing a college-preparatory, co-educational, Catholic high school education for the most potential-filled and hardworking youth of any faith in the city of Detroit.  All are welcome! 


Please contact me to learn more about our incredible students and school. 


Christopher Lynch 

President, Detroit Cristo Rey High School