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Parents » Student/Parent Partnership Handbook 2022-2023

Student/Parent Partnership Handbook 2022-2023

Student/Parent Partnership Handbook

2022 - 2023


Student/Parent Partnership Agreement Form

Mission Statement

Mission: Detroit Cristo Rey High School provides an excellent college-preparatory co-educational Catholic high school education to underserved students with limited educational options in Detroit.  Our Cristo Rey school emphasizes faith, morals, and service to the community.  Through its work-study program, the school fosters skills and attitudes important in the workplace, such as responsibility, determination, respect for self and others.  In the finest tradition of Catholic outreach, we welcome families of all denominations.  With a challenging college preparatory program, we help the students equip themselves for college and the workplace.  Our goal is that our students be successful in life and committed to making a core difference in their families, their neighborhoods, and the world.

 Means: The means to accomplish this goal is to offer a college-prep education through curriculum and participation in the corporate work study program.


“Cristo Rey”

The “Cristeros” were a large sector of the Mexican peasant population in the early twentieth century who participated in an armed rebellion against the anti-religious government and constitution of the time. These valiant believers fought to defend their faith and free the country from the savage persecution and anti-Catholic repression of President Plutarco Elias Calles (1924-1928). The Cristeros formed an underground, clandestine church that waged a ferocious guerilla war against the anti-religious federal troops lasting three years, from 1927-1930. At their peak, the Cristeros were 50,000 strong and practiced their faith in hiding all across the country. They chose the name “Cristeros” because they knew that they were doing Christ’s work. Their rallying cry became “¡Viva Cristo Rey!” to ensure that everyone knew they were fighting to defend the beliefs and teachings of Jesus Christ.



Detroit Cristo Rey High School - History

In 2005 the last three co-ed Catholic high schools in the City of Detroit were closed by the Archdiocese of Detroit.  This decision left only two high schools still existing in the city of Detroit and both of them were all male Jesuit High Schools.  Individuals from the city’s educational, business and other religious communities along with representatives from Archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools began to explore the feasibility of bringing a Cristo Rey high school into the city of Detroit.


In 2007, based on the favorable results of the feasibility study and subsequent approval of a $900,000 grant (over three years) from the Skillman Foundation and the faith, vision, commitment and generosity of many people, the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM’s in Monroe, MI) and the Basilian Order of priests (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) willingly stepped forward to establish Detroit Cristo Rey High School.  The Archdiocese of Detroit has given its blessing and approval to Detroit Cristo Rey.  Detroit Cristo Rey is the only Catholic Co-ed High School in the City of Detroit.  The school opened its doors for the first time on August 4, 2008.


Detroit Cristo Rey seeks to incorporate the charisms of its two religious founders through implementation of their values into the school’s daily life.  Detroit Cristo Rey High School strives to teach goodness, discipline and knowledge through: 

  • Respecting the dignity of all persons
  • Fostering excellence in education
  • Building a culture of peace and right relationship
  • Working for the common good
  • Recognizing the interdependence of the entire community of creation
  • Learning to make decisions in the light of Gospel values and global realities
  • Encouraging self-motivation and openness to change
  • Encouraging actions that build up and unify the Earth community


These values are integrated into the curriculum, made visible through art work in the school, and will come alive for the students through connection with other high schools sponsored by these congregations in the Archdiocese.


Detroit Cristo Rey

The Standards for Success


  • Come to school - on time, every day- ready to learn and work.
  • Be prepared for learning - complete all assigned work.
  • Dress for success- be in school uniform.
  • Don’t allow your phone to be a distraction in the classroom. Prioritize what is happening in the classroom.
  • Respect the school building.
  • Respect your classmates, teachers, and staff.
  • Respect yourself.

 Non-Discrimination Statement

Detroit Cristo Rey does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation (LBGTQ), religion, or national or ethnic origin in its student admission process, faculty and staff hiring practices, educational policies, scholarships, athletics, or other school administered programs.


Annual Notification of Rights under FERPA

FERPA affords parents and eligible students certain rights with respect to the student’s education records. These rights are:

  • The right to inspect and review the student’s education records within 45 days of a written        

      request to the Principal of Detroit Cristo Rey.


  • The right to request in writing an amendment of the student’s education records that the parent or eligible student believes is inaccurate and to a hearing if the requested amendment is denied.



  • The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent.  One exception, which permits disclosure without consent, is disclosure to school officials with legitimate educational interests.  A school official is a person employed by Detroit Cristo Rey as an administrator, supervisor, instructor, or support staff member (including health or medical staff and law enforcement unit personnel); a person serving on the School’s Board; a person or company with whom the School has contracted to perform a special task (such as an attorney, auditor, medical consultant, therapist, or a company providing degree verification services to the School); or a parent or student serving on an official committee, such as a disciplinary or grievance committee, or assisting another school official in performing his or her tasks.  A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility.


  • The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by Detroit Cristo Rey High School to comply with the requirements of FERPA.


The name and address of the Office that administers FERPA is:

The Family Policy Compliance Office U.S. Department of Education.

400 Maryland Avenue, SW

Washington, DC 20202-5901


Notification of Designation of Directory Information

Notice is hereby given of Detroit Cristo Rey’s FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) policy and parents’ and eligible students’ (students over 18 years of age) rights under the Act.


Designation of Directory Information.

Parents and eligible students are advised that Detroit Cristo Rey has designated the following information contained in the education records of its students as “Directory Information” for purposes of FERPA: the student’s name, addresses (including email addresses), telephone number, date of birth, year of school, dates of attendance, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, photographs (including identification pictures), videos depicting and/or concerning life at the Detroit Cristo Rey Network school, degrees and awards received, and previous educational institution(s) attended. Directory Information may be disclosed without consent.


Parents’ and Eligible Students’ Right to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information.

Any parent or eligible student wishing to prevent disclosure of directory information must file a written notification to this effect with the Principal of Detroit Cristo Rey High School.


Academic Expectations

Every student at Detroit Cristo Rey has the right to a quality education. All behavior in the school should help to establish and maintain an environment which fosters maximum learning and mutual respect. Students are expected to be respectful of the educational process and to take responsibility for their own learning.


Students are responsible for and expected to complete assigned homework.  Homework assignments are expected to be completed and returned as required by the individual teacher.  Late or missing assignments may or may not be accepted or they may result in a lower grade


All homework assignments must be neat, clean, and legible. Homework is expected to be handed in on time and completed to the best of the student’s ability. Copying homework, cheating on tests or quizzes, plagiarism, or any other form of academic dishonesty is a serious offense and may result in a zero for the assignment, test or quiz.

Failed classes must be made up during the Summer Credit Recovery Program in order to continue at Cristo Rey the following year. 


Detroit Cristo Rey




5.0 Credits

      English 9 and Language Arts 9 (2.0 credits)

      English 10

      English 11

      English 12 or AP English Literature



4.0   Credits

·       9th - Algebra 1 (2 hours, 1 credit)

·       10th - Geometry

·       11th - Algebra 2

·       12th - Senior-Year Math



4.0   Credits

·       9th - Biology

·       10th - Chemistry

·       11th – Physics

·       12th - Senior-Year Science


Social Studies

3.0   Credits

·       10th - World History

·       11th - US History or AP US History 

·       12th - Government (.5)/Economics (.5)


World Language - Latin

3.0 Credits

Latin 9, Latin 10, and Latin 11



4.0 Credits

     Theology 9, 10, 11, and 12


Visual, Applied, or

Performing Arts

1.0 Credit

•    Visual, Performing, Applied Arts


Physical Education and Health

1.0 Credit

Physical Education (.5)  and Health (.5)


College Readiness




2.5   Credits

·      9th (.5) and 10th (.5)

·      11th (1.0)

·      12th (.5)


Corporate Work Study

4.0 Credits




3.5 Credits


35 Credits to Graduate




Total 35 (+) Minimum academic requirements for graduation

*A credit is defined as a full year course, meeting the equivalent of four days a week for 50 minutes.


Successful completion of Corporate Work Study (CWSP) is required of every student each school year in order to earn one credit per year and remain a student at Detroit Cristo Rey.


Each student must complete a total of 40 hours of community service (over four years of high school) in order to graduate. Each student will be required to complete 10 hours each school year to be promoted to the next grade level.


Senior Requirements

Seniors that fail any class (during senior year) and/or have not fulfilled their credit requirements will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.  


Students who have a balance on their account (tuition, lost books, missed workdays, late fees, etc.) or other incomplete requirements will be ineligible to participate in Prom or Graduation.  They will not receive a report card, transcript or diploma until all requirements are met. Any student who presents disciplinary problems at the end of the year may not be permitted to participate in graduation.



Valedictorian Requirements

In order to be considered for the honor of being the class Valedictorian a student must have completed a minimum of three complete years at Detroit Cristo Rey.  She/he must have the top GPA in the senior class.


Letter Grade


Quality Points

Quality Points

AP and Honors Classes

















































Grading Scale:  Please note that this is the standard grading scale for the school:


Students must maintain a satisfactory academic performance to be eligible for participation in sports and other extracurricular activities. Any student that has an F or more than two D’s, is ineligible to participate in any Extracurricular activity (including sports teams/practices, or clubs) until the situation is corrected with the teacher(s) and verified by the coach and/or Athletic director. 


If a student is ineligible but part of an athletic team, they may practice with the team but cannot play in any games. If a student is ineligible but part of an organized student activity club, they will be subject to restrictions outlined in the club charter which may include limited attendance at meetings, revoking voting privileges, rescinding performance rights, etc.  If a student is ineligible he/she may not be allowed to participate in special work events this includes parties, shows, etc.


Academic Probation

Any student earning less than a 1.7 G.P.A. at the end of 1st Semester will be placed on academic probation. This includes all transfer students.  The student is expected to improve their grades by the end of the school year, or they may not be eligible to return.



Honor Roll

Honor Roll is posted at the end of the first and third quarters and at the end of each semester and is based upon individual grades for that marking period:

Principal’s List                  No grade lower than A-

First Honors                       No grades lower than B+

Second Honors                   No grades lower than B-

3.0 Awards                          Maintained a 3.0 but did not earn any honors recognition

Perfect Attendance             No absences for the entire semester

Academic Assistance

Academic Assistance is available to all interested students. At times students may be required to attend mandatory tutoring sessions – during or after the academic class day.


Academic Evaluation - Students will receive eight different grade reports throughout the course of the year.  Parents may regularly view their student’s grades on-line.


Mid 1st Quarter Progress Report

  • Parents attend Detroit Cristo Rey Parent Teacher Conference to pick up progress report and meet with teachers

1st Quarter Progress Report

  •         Progress Reports will be available for students and parents on PowerSchool.

Mid 2nd Quarter Progress Report

  • Parents attend Detroit Cristo Rey Parent Teacher Conference to pick up progress report and meet with teachers

1st Semester Report Card

  • Semester Report Cards available for students and parents on PowerSchool



Mid 3rd Quarter Progress Report

  • Parents attend Detroit Cristo Rey Parent Teacher Conference to pick up progress report and meet with teachers

3rd Quarter Progress Report

  • Progress Report available for students and parents on PowerSchool

Mid 4th Quarter Progress Report

  • Progress report available for parents and students on PowerSchool

2nd Semester Report Card

  • Final Academic Year Report Card available on PowerSchool once all financial obligations are satisfied and all books returned 

CWSP evaluation grades are included in the Semester Report Cards.


Parent –Teacher/Staff Conferences

Detroit Cristo Rey High School strongly encourages parental involvement.  Parents are encouraged to consult with teachers and/or staff regarding their student’s academic progress or behavior.  If there are questions or concerns, at any time, please call the teacher or appropriate staff member by phone or email to discuss any concerns. 



Official Transcripts are a record of the student’s academic achievement.  The official transcript has a signature and seal.  Official transcripts are sent by Detroit Cristo Rey to schools, colleges and scholarship programs.   Official transcripts must be requested through the Principal’s Office or College Counseling.  Official transcripts are not given to students or parents.  Official transcripts will not be sent out if there is a balance due on the student’s account.


Unofficial Transcripts are also a record of the student’s academic achievement.  It does not have a signature or seal so it is not recognized by schools, colleges and scholarship programs.  Unofficial transcripts must be requested through the Principal’s Office only.  Requests for unofficial transcript will not be accepted if the student has an account balance or missed work days.



 Naviance System 

Detroit Cristo Rey High School has purchased Naviance Succeed as part of its commitment to offer a world-class college counseling program that prepares all students for success in college and career.   Naviance Succeed is an online college counseling platform created to collect, store, and report real-time data about students’ goals, objectives, and outcomes related to planning for college and their careers.  As a member of the Cristo Rey Network, Detroit Cristo Rey High School discloses aggregate college admissions for the purpose of benchmarking with other schools and to track the impact of Network university partnerships.  This data also enables Cristo Rey Network schools to better advise students through the college search and application process.  Personal identifiable information is only disclosed to the college counselor, principal, assistant principal, and the Network’s Director of Postsecondary Initiatives.


Attendance Policy

Daily Schedule

Detroit Cristo Rey opens its doors at 7:00 a.m. Students are to be dropped off and picked up in the rear parking lot.  The school day begins promptly at 7:30 a.m.  All students are required to meet in the Commons for community prayer  at 7:30 a.m.  CWSP students must be in the work vehicles by 7:45 a.m. Students who arrive at school at 7:30 a.m. but are not seated in the Commons will be considered tardy.  The school day ends at 3:29 p.m. On the day a student is assigned to work, she/he may return to school between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.


At the end of the school day (3:29 p.m.) students wait for rides in the rear parking lot until 3:50 p.m.   At 3:50 p.m. all remaining students go into the Media Center to continue to wait for rides.  An adult is on duty in the designated waiting area until 6:00 p.m.   Parents must not leave their child at the school after 6:00 p.m.


Student Hall Passes

Students are expected to be in class at all times. Any student who is not where they are scheduled to be must have an official hall pass signed by a faculty or staff member. Hall passes are needed to leave a class for the bathroom, seeing a Counselor or the Dean of Students, etc.



Detroit Cristo Rey High School expects all students to attend school daily.  However, in the event a student is absent it is the students responsibility to complete all class work, homework and any other projects that may have been assigned – by the date determined by the teacher.


A parent or guardian is expected to call the school  before 9:00 a.m. and state the nature of the absence. A phone call must be made for each day the student is absent.  

 The call-in number is (313) 749-8840


When you dial in, you will be instructed to leave a brief message. Your message should include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your student(s) name and grade
  • The time he/she will be absent (late, all day, etc.)
  • Reason for absence/tardy


Students absent from school or work may not participate in any school activity held the day of the absence, including sports, dances, etc.   Students risk losing academic credit for days missed due to extended vacation during the school year.


Foreseen Absences

A foreseen absence requires that the parent or guardian write a note or meet with the Principal/School Counselor at least one week in advance, in order to notify the teachers. The Principal’s Office/School Counselor will then issue a notice to all teachers. Please note that a foreseen absence is not necessarily an excused absence.

Scheduling Outside Appointments

Parents are requested to schedule medical and dental appointments during non-school and non-CWSP hours. Vacations, college visits and other such activities should be scheduled after reviewing the school calendar so as not to conflict with school attendance. Students may not miss their assigned work day to attend extracurricular activities or events, including conferences and trips.




Excessive Absences

Absence from school in excess of 10 days in one year may result in a student losing credit in all of their classes for the semester or being dismissed from Detroit Cristo Rey. Absences from work are considered school absences. However, even if total school absences are within the above parameters, a student may still face the possibility of losing academic credit for work study and may be dismissed.


Loss of Credit due to Absence

Ten or more absences per class, per year (i.e., vacations, skipping, or being tardy to class) may result in loss of credit for that class.  


Early Release

If a student is to be released from school early, the parent must call the school verifying the time and reason for the early departure.  A parent or guardian must come to the Principal’s Office and sign their student out.  There is no early release from work, any questions should be directed to the CWSP Department.  If someone other than the parent (custodial) is picking up a student it is mandatory the parent (custodial) notify the office ahead of time.


Medical Absences (Absence Due to Illness or Injury)

Absences due to medical conditions must be verified by a physician’s note to the Principal’s Office.  Extended absence due to illness or injury will be treated on an individual basis. Parents must notify the Principal’s Office as soon as possible.


Illness at School

If a student becomes ill during the school day, the student should ask permission to go to the Principal’s Office. If it is determined that the student should not remain at school, a call will be made to the parent/guardian in order to release the student to their care. If a parent/guardian or emergency contact cannot be reached, the student will remain in the Principal’s Office until either the end of the day or until someone can be reached.



Being late for school, class, or work is not acceptable.

  • Waking up late, missing the bus, car trouble, bad weather, etc., are not acceptable excuses for being late.


Start of School tardiness (7:30 a.m.)

If a student is not seated in the Commons by the time the 7:30 a.m. bell rings he/she is marked tardy.


The following consequences apply to students who are tardy at the beginning of the school day:

  • Five (5) tardiesone detention and parents are notified by the Dean of Students.
  • Ten (10) tardies – two detentions are assigned and the parent is called by the Dean of Students.
  • Fifteen (15) tardies in a semester-he/she will serve an immediate Out of School Suspension.  The student will not be re-admitted until a meeting takes place with their parent and the Dean of Students and/or the Principal.


 The following consequences apply to students who are tardy during the school day:

  • Five (5) tardies – one detention and parents are notified by the Dean of Students.
  • Ten (10) tardies – two detentions are assigned and the parent is called by the Dean of Students.
  • Fifteen (15) tardies in a semester he/she will serve an immediate Out of School Suspension.  The student will not be re-admitted until a meeting takes place with their parent and the Dean of Students and/or the Principal.
  • If a student has more than one Out of School Suspension for tardiness in a semester, he/she will be required to appear before a Disciplinary Board Review.
  • If a student arrives at school after Morning Prayer is over, the student must report to the Principal’s Office to get a signed admit slip in order to enter class. The student is expected to immediately go to class once they receive their admit slip.
  • Chronic tardiness may result in the loss of credit.
  • Please be mindful that morning tardiness and tardiness during class time are two separate situations.  They each have their own set of disciplinary actions/consequences.


Holiday Absences

Detroit Cristo Rey does not support or encourage vacation outside of defined school breaks. Such absences will be considered unexcused. For example, if a family chooses to take a vacation that goes beyond the allotted Christmas or Easter break, the student will be subject to appropriate consequences as described in the attendance policy. Extended absences may lead to loss of credit and/or athletic eligibility and inability to participate in other extracurricular activities



Code of Conduct

The DCRHS Code of Conduct applies to any current student who

  • is on school property;
  • is engaged in any school activity;
  • negatively affects, through his/her conduct the order and discipline of the school, the safety and welfare of others, or the good reputation of Detroit Cristo Rey.


Academic Honesty

The community believes that all academic work is the product of the individual student. Detroit Cristo Rey stands firmly against academic dishonesty in any form, which can be described as offering someone else’s ideas or work as one’s own. Behaviors that fall under the description of academic dishonesty are, but are not limited to: copying another student’s work, cheating in any form on a quiz, test, or exam, and plagiarism (presenting in a written or oral manner another person’s words or ideas as one’s own).


If a student is found to have been dishonest the following procedures will be followed:

  • All students engaged in any type of academic dishonesty, regardless of assignment, will meet with the Dean of Students.
  • Students caught cheating must complete their assignment; however, the student will receive a zero on the assignment.
  • Parents will be notified
  • Consequences may be pursued at the discretion of the Dean of Students and the Teacher.


Cell Phones/ Ear pods/ Smartwatches

The school understands that cell phones/ear pods/ smartwatches are a part of our everyday life; however, they are not intended for use in an academic setting.  Students are not allowed to use their cell phones at work for any reason. Cell phones/ear pods/ smartwatches are disruptive in the learning and work environments. Therefore, we encourage students to leave cell phones/ear pods/ smartwatches at home. Cristo Rey High School has telephones that may be used by students in the event of an emergency, or for urgent matters. Students are allowed to bring cell phones/ear pods/ smartwatches to school.  If a student brings a cell phones/ear pods/ smartwatches to school, they must adhere to the following;

  • Cell phones/ear pods/ smartwatches must be turned off and placed in the students locker or placed in the Teacher’s designated area.
  • Cell phones/ear pods/ smartwatches use is not allowed during class time and in the hallways (including the use of cell phone camera’s)
  • Cell phones/ear pods/ smartwatches use is not allowed at any CWSP location (including the use of cell phone camera’s)


Any cell phone that disrupts the academic environment will be confiscated; even if it was not being used by the student (including ringing and chirping).


Electronic Equipment/Devices

Electronic equipment/devices such as games, personal gaming devices, laser pointers, camera and video recording equipment are not allowed on the campus of Detroit Cristo Rey High School or at work.  Any electronic device that disrupts the academic environment will be confiscated, even if it was not being used by the student.

 Smartphones, IPads, Laptop computers, Smartwatches and Earpods are allowed only with permission from the individual teacher and the Dean of Students.  Students must receive permission, in advance, before the device can be used.  These electronic devices are not allowed at any CWSP location. Students using electronic equipment/devices for non-academic purposes will have the device confiscated.  Students may lose the privilege of using this device for the remainder of the school year. Students may receive disciplinary action for misuse.



Students are allowed the use of cell phones and electronic devices only during their  respective lunch periods.  This is the only time these devices are allowed to be used and visible.  The device can still be taken under the faculty/staff discretion if there is a possibility of inappropriate behavior or danger.


Violation of the cell phone/electronic device policy will result in the following consequences:

First Violation: The student’s cell phone/electronic device will be confiscated by the teacher.  The teacher will notify the Dean of Students.  The cell phone/electronic device will be kept until the end of the day by the Dean of Students. 

Second Violation:  Student’s cell phone/electronic device will be confiscated.  The Dean of Students will notify the parent(s).  The cell phone/electronic device will be kept until the student pays a $5 return fee.  The student consequences will be determined by the Dean of Students.    


Third Violation:  Student’s cell phone/electronic device will be confiscated.  Immediate Out of School Suspension will be given. Parents will be notified. Students will not be readmitted to school until a meeting takes place with their parents and the Dean of Students and/or the Principal.  If a student has more than one Out of School Suspension for cell phone/electronic equipment devices he/she will be required to appear before a Disciplinary Board Review.


Students are responsible for their cell phones/electronic devices.  Detroit Cristo Rey High School is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones/electronic devices.  Students and their family will assume all responsibility for lost or stolen cell phones/electronic devices.  Students will surrender their electronic device(s) upon request, refusal to cooperate will be considered as insubordination and discipline will be rendered accordingly.


Discipline System

The discipline system used at Detroit Cristo Rey simply provides an objective and cumulative record of a student’s demonstration of behavior as well as an attempt to correct those behaviors that may inflict harm to the student’s potential and merit.  Disciplinary action will be taken when a student commits an infraction deemed inappropriate by a faculty/staff member. Any employee of the school is authorized to correct inappropriate student behavior and assign a detention.


Level I Infractions - Detentions

Level I infractions are considered errors in judgment, but not serious violations of the Detroit Cristo Rey Disciplinary Code. Examples of such behavior include, but are not limited to, one-time dress code violations, arriving late to school and to class, etc. If a student commits an infraction, the faculty/staff may ask for the student’s I.D. card. The faculty/staff records the infraction as a detention, returns the ID and submits the infraction to the Dean of Students.


Students receive immediate consequence consisting of a daily detention to be served the day of the infraction or in some cases the day after the infraction.  A student must have a Student I.D. with them at all times. Although the faculty/staff will give one detention per infraction, any student not possessing a Student I.D. may receive an additional detention.  If a student misses an assigned detention, he/she may be subject to additional detentions.  Repeated violations result in more serious consequences. 

If a student loses his/her school ID, the replacement cost is $5.00


Daily Detentions

  • Detentions are held as determined by the Dean of Students.
  • Detentions take precedence over any other school activity (including sports practices)
  • Detentions are to be served as determined by the Dean of Students.
    • Chronic detentions are handled by the Dean’s Office and could lead to further disciplinary action.


Level II Infractions – Suspension/Expulsion

Level II infractions are considered serious errors in judgment. Examples of Level II infractions include, but are not limited to, disrespect, harassment, threatening behavior, truancy, and abuse of property.


Faculty/staff members will provide the Dean of Students with written documentation of any such incident. The Dean will then meet with the student(s) involved and the documenting teacher or staff member.  The objective of this meeting is to provide immediate intervention and achieve behavior modification through reflective action. At the end of this process, the Dean will issue a consequence that is commensurate with the severity of the violation taking into account the goal of the overall growth of the student. Possible consequences range from multiple detentions to an in-school or out of school suspension up to and including a recommendation for dismissal.  Parents are notified by the Dean.



A student may be subject to immediate suspension or expulsion for the following actions:

  • Vandalism and destruction of school property
  • Bullying – physical, verbal and electronic (Cyber Bullying-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Possession, supplying, or use of prescription drugs without prior consent
  • Possessing, supplying, or use of tobacco/ Vaping
  • Gambling
  • Gang membership or gang-related behavior
  • Physical play or fighting
  • Cheating
  • Stealing
  • Fireworks
  • Chronic tardiness or absence
  • Disregard for school expectations
  • Forgery
  • Dismissal for cause from work
  • Gross insubordination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Criminal activity



Expulsion is the loss of one’s privilege to attend Detroit Cristo Rey High School. Normally, this would be the last step taken after following the discipline procedures described in the “Discipline System.” Certain serious actions may result in immediate expulsion.


A student may be subject to immediate expulsion for the following actions:

  • Possession of weapons, firearms, or explosives;
  • Possessing, supplying, buying, or using alcohol or other drugs anywhere or at anytime
  • Physical assault of a teacher, staff member, or volunteer
  • Any other illegal or criminal act


Parent Grievance Procedure

If a parent or guardian has a concern regarding a classroom/school matter, the matter should be addressed directly with the teacher or the staff person. If resolution is not achieved, a discussion with the Principal is the next step.


If a parent or guardian has a concern regarding a discipline issue, it should be addressed with the Dean of Students. If resolution is not achieved, a discussion with the Principal is the next step.


If a parent or guardian has a concern regarding a workplace issue, it should be addressed with the Corporate Work Study Coordinator. If resolution is not achieved, a discussion with the Director of Corporate Work Study is the next step.


If an issue remains unresolved after following the parent grievance procedures outlined above, then, the President of the school is available to meet and review the matter.



Any activity that involves betting or payment of money is not allowed.  The Dean of Students will make final determination on suspected gambling.  Student gambling is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action



Throughout the year, students will be asked to provide documentation signed by a parent or other adult. Examples of such documentation include absence notes, permission slips, verification of service hours, etc. Forgery in any form is a serious offense that may be subject to immediate suspension or expulsion.


Search and Seizure

School authorities are allowed to inspect and search places such as lockers, desks, parking lots, and other school property, as well as personal effects left in those areas by students without notice to or consent of students and without search warrants. Inappropriate items will be confiscated at the discretion of school officials



Detroit Cristo Rey High School is a smoke free environment.  Cigarettes, tobacco and vaping products are not allowed on the campus of Detroit Cristo Rey High School.  A student found in possession of tobacco products may receive appropriate disciplinary action.  A student found using tobacco or vaping products may receive more serious disciplinary action, possibly suspension or expulsionThis includes vaping, e-cigarettes, Juuls, concentrated wax pens, etc…



Weapons are forbidden on the school campus.  Any student found in possession of a weapon whether on their person, in the locker or in a personally owned vehicle may be subject to immediate discipline – up to and including expulsion. The Dean of Students will determine if an item is a weapon.  A weapon may be defined as (but not limited to) the following:

  • Firearms – guns (pistols, rifles, shotguns)
  • BB guns, Air pistols and Paintball guns
  • Knives, box cutters, bats, pipes, sticks
  • Brass knuckles, Billy Clubs, Look-a-likes
  • Martial arts equipment
  • Firecrackers, fireworks, and explosives of any type
  • Laser pointers
  • Pepper spray, mace, and stun guns
  • Bow and arrow, ax, hatchet 

School officials shall report weapon violations to the local police.  Possession of a weapon may, also, result in criminal action - i.e. arrest, charges, etc.  The Dean of Student reserves the right to determine what constitutes a weapon.   


Harassment on the basis of any protected characteristic is strictly prohibited. This includes any verbal or physical conduct that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward any individual or her/his relatives, friends or associates because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation (LGBTQ), age, national origin, marital status, veteran status, citizenship or disability that:

  • Has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive school environment;
  • Has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s performance in school; otherwise adversely affects an individual’s school experience.

Harassing conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Epithets, slurs, or negative stereotyping;
  • Threatening, intimidating, or hostile acts;
  • Written or graphic material that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual or group and that is placed on walls or elsewhere on the school’s premises where it could be viewed by others or circulated by any means in the workplace.

Sexual harassment in particular is strictly prohibited. Government regulations define sexual harassment as “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature:

  • When submission to such conduct is made a condition of a student’s continued attendance at Detroit Cristo Rey;
  • When submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as the basis for decisions affecting a student;
  • When such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with the student’s performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive school environment.”


Employees or students who violate this policy against sexual and other forms of harassment will be subject to corrective action up to and including termination or expulsion.  Any student who believes that she/he has been the subject of sexual or any other form of harassment by anyone at Detroit Cristo Rey or by any person who does business with Detroit Cristo Rey, even a Corporate Sponsor, or driver, should bring the matter to the attention of a Detroit Cristo Rey staff member, the Principal, or the President of Detroit Cristo Rey. A prompt and thorough investigation of any alleged incident will be conducted and appropriate corrective action taken if warranted.


Bullying is conduct or behavior that meets the following criteria:

  • Reasonably perceived as being dehumanizing, intimidating, hostile, humiliating, threatening, and meant to evoke fear of physical harm or emotional distress
  • Directed at one (1) or more students
  • Conveyed through physical, verbal, technological, or emotional means
  • Interferes with educational opportunities, benefits, or programs of one (1) or more students
  • Adversely affects the ability of a student to participate in or benefit from an educational program or school activity by placing the student in reasonable fear of physical harm or by causing emotional distress; and
  •  Based on a student’s actual or perceived distinguishing characteristics, association with another person who has or is perceived to have any of these distinguishing characteristics (of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, marital status, veteran status, citizenship or disability and/or her/his relatives, friends or associates)


The faculty and staff of Detroit Cristo Rey High School recognizes that a school that is physically and emotionally safe and secure for all students promotes good citizenship, increases student attendance and engagement, and supports academic achievement. To protect the rights of all students and groups for a safe and secure learning environment, the administration of Detroit Cristo Rey prohibits acts of bullying, harassment, and other forms of aggression and violence. Bullying or harassment, like other forms of aggressive and violent behaviors, interferes with both a school’s ability to educate its students and a student’s ability to learn. All administrators, faculty, staff, parents, volunteers, and students are expected to refuse to tolerate bullying and harassment and to demonstrate behavior that is respectful and civil. It is especially important for adults to model these behaviors (even when disciplining) in order to provide positive examples for student behavior.


We at Detroit Cristo Rey High School consider our school to be a “Safe Zone”.  If at any time you feel that you are being harassed or bullied – by anyone (staff, student, faculty, work sponsor, etc.) please tell the Dean of Students, the Principal, the counselor, or, any teacher or staff member immediately.  We believe standards for student behavior must be set through interaction among the students, parents and guardians, staff, and community members of the school, producing an atmosphere that encourages students to grow in self-discipline and their ability to respect the rights of others. The development of this atmosphere requires respect for self and others, as well as for school and community property on the part of students, staff, parents, and community members.


Dress Code

The Dress Code ensures that every student will dress in a professional and safe manner. Detroit Cristo Rey’s dress code corresponds to business, semi-formal dress. 


When they go to work, students enter professional work environments. Their dress should reflect a high standard of professionalism.


ALL students must wear school ID card on the regulation Detroit Cristo Rey High School lanyard around the neck and both must be visible.


Proper Attire for Men


White, button down, collared shirts with DCR logo (Schoolbelles) are required

Shirts must be neatly tucked into pants at all times. A plain white undershirt may be worn (underneath). 

Unacceptable:  lettering or logos of any kind, polo shirts, collarless shirts.



Khaki/ Gray, full length pants (Schoolbelles) are required.

Unacceptable: “Dickie” brand pants with cargo pockets, sagging or baggy pants; visible undergarments; rivets, patch-pockets, bell-bottoms; work pants or cargo pants; corduroy, denim materials; frayed or slit legs.



DCR logo sweater (Pullover or Cardigan or Vest from Schoolbelles)

Shirt and tie are always worn under the sweater.  Collar of the shirt and knot of tie must be visible at all times.

Unacceptable:  sweatshirts, warm ups, pullover polar fleece tops, turtlenecks; sports logos, hoodies, zippered hoodies. Winter coats and/or jackets are not to be worn in school or at work.



Ties are tied all the way up and worn appropriately at all times.  Must be a Green/Yellow DCR tie. Green bow ties are acceptable.

Unacceptable:  Novelty ties, and string ties


Belts and Socks:

Belts - solid black or brown, with plain buckles. Belts must be visible.  Socks are to be solid black or brown and are worn at all times. 

Unacceptable:  Belts with rivets or oversized buckles; white or bright colored socks.  No low cut, athletic socks of any color are allowed.



Dress shoes are leather or leather-like, clean and polished; solid black or brown only and closed all around.  Loafers or tie-up styles are preferred. 

Unacceptable:  sandals, gym shoes, construction/work boots, moccasin (moccasin-like) shoes, Toms’, boat shoes, or black canvas shoes. 





Jewelry and Other Accessories:

Earrings or other body or facial piercings are not allowed, nor may they be covered by Band-Aid or tape.  Necklaces are not to be worn on the outside of clothing.  Visible tattoos are not permitted.  Chain wallets are not permitted. No tongue rings, nose rings, cheek rings, ear discs, etc. No gold fronts/grills on teeth. The Dean of Students reserves the right to determine permitted jewelry and other accessories.


Hair/Head Coverings:

Conservative hairstyles and a neat appearance are expected.  Hairstyle must be professional in appearance.   Natural hair colors only.  Hair should be worn off the face and with safety in mind. Any other hairstyle must be professional in appearance and approved by the Dean of Students.  Hats, caps, visors, headbands, ear warmers, and head scarves may not be worn at school or at work.  These items may not be brought into classrooms.

Facial Hair:

Students are expected to be clean shaven.  Neatly trimmed mustaches are allowed.

Unacceptable:  beards, goatees, long sideburns or other facial hair not mentioned above.



Sunglasses are worn outdoors, not at work or at school.



Students maintain a neat and clean appearance, with attention to showering, shaving, using deodorant, brushing teeth, combing or brushing hair, ironing clothes, etc.


Unacceptable for apparel:

Lettering, logos, of any kind, including sports logos; oversized, soiled or frayed clothing is not permitted.


Proper Attire for Women

Blouse or Top:

White, button down, collared shirts with DCR logo (Schoolbelles) are required.

A plain white t-shirt may be worn under a white blouse.

Unacceptable:  Low-cut; sleeveless; denim, sheer, lace, spandex or other tight fitting materials; visible undergarments or undergarments that are not skin tone.  Absolutely no tank tops or tube tops worn under or over the blouse. No belts may be worn over blouses.



Khaki/Gray pants only (Schoolbelles) are required.

The pants must be full length, not beyond the mid-heel of the shoe, with a bottom hem.  They are worn at the waistline. Belts should be worn (solid black or brown with plain buckle).

Unacceptable:  Yoga pants, tight-fitting, or noticeably baggy; low-rise; denim, Lycra, spandex, corduroy materials; rivets, patch pockets, bell-bottoms, slit legs; shorts, Capri’s, crops, or skinny pants.  No pants that are noticeably “too” long.



Khaki/Plaid skirts (Schoolbelles) optional.

Must be knee length or longer.  Skirts are worn at the waistline.

Unacceptable:  deep side or back slits; high-low skirts (high in front/low in back); boots with skirts and skin tight skirts.



DCR logo sweater (Pullover or Cardigan or Vest from Schoolbelles)

Shirts and ties are always worn under them.  Collar of the shirt and knot of tie must be visible at all times.

Unacceptable:  sweatshirts or polar fleece tops of any kind, sports logos, hoodies, zippered hoodies, winter coats and/or jackets.



Plain flesh tone or black hosiery can be worn with skirts.  No fishnet stockings or hosiery with designs.



Ties are tied all the way up and worn appropriately at all times.  Must be a Green/Yellow DCR tie.

Unacceptable:  Novelty ties, and string ties




Dress shoes are leather or leather-like, clean or polished; solid color: black or brown only, closed-toe.  Heels are of moderate height.  Shoes with open heels must have a strap around the heel. 

Unacceptable:  Sandals, high heels, open toes, athletic shoes, clogs, crocs, moccasin (moccasin-like), Toms’, boat shoes, slides, platform shoes or work boots.


Jewelry and Other Accessories:

Women may wear up to two earrings in each ear. Earrings are not to exceed the size of a quarter. No other piercings are allowed. No visible tattoos are allowed. Fingernails are trimmed, clean and of moderate length and color. No decorative neck scarves. No tongue rings, nose rings, cheek rings, ear discs, etc.

No gold fronts/grills on teeth.  


Make- Up:

Make-up and perfume may be worn in moderation. 


Hair/Head Coverings:

Hair must be of a natural color – brown, black, blonde, or auburn.  Hair should be worn off the face and with safety in mind.  Hair accessories of any color may be worn as long as they are appropriate.  This includes small headbands, barrettes, or hair clips. All hair accessories must be professional in appearance. Hats, caps, visors, ear warmers, headphones, and head scarves may not be worn at school or at work.  These items may not be brought into classrooms.



Sunglasses are worn outdoors, not at work or at school.



Students will maintain a neat and clean appearance, with attention to showering, shaving, using deodorant, brushing teeth, combing or brushing hair, washing and ironing clothes, etc.


Free Dress Days

On several occasions throughout the school year, students may be granted free dress days with the permission of the President or Principal.  With that being said there are still some attire not allowed to be worn at Detroit Cristo Rey


  •   No rip or torn jeans of any kind.  (Even if skin is not visible)
  •   No shorts
  •   No tank-tops
  •   No Leggings or Yoga pants
  •   No pajama pants or tops
  •   No flip-flops


Alcohol and Drugs

Detroit Cristo Rey reserves the right to drug test any student at its discretion. Since many sponsors require drug testing, results of testing may be made available to sponsors (in confidence) at their request. Positive results may be grounds for dismissal from the CWSP and expulsion from school.


Policy on Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

Detroit Cristo Rey believes that chemical use by a high school student is inherently unhealthy. Detroit Cristo Rey recognizes that chemical dependency is a treatable, family disease, which does not respect any group or age.

 Chemical is defined as any non-prescribed mind altering substance.  This definition, therefore, includes alcohol, and steroids.

 Health problems of youth are primarily the responsibility of the home and community, but schools share in that responsibility because chemical use often interferes with school behavior, student learning, and the fullest possible development of each student.  

 Situations covered by the policy

The school has determined four sets of circumstances that will bring about its involvement with a student and her/his relationship to chemicals. 


The first is suspicion of chemical use by a student.  The second is possession of a chemical while not under the influence of a chemical.  The third is a student’s being under the influence of a chemical, or being in the act of using a chemical at school, at a school sponsored event, or at other events where the school becomes involved because of the conduct of the student.  The fourth is a student selling chemicals, organizing another minor’s use of chemicals, or hosting parties where alcohol or drugs are served to minors.   This includes concentrated wax/vape pens.


Chemical Use Suspected

Any student who comes forward, of his own initiative and volition, with an alcohol or drug problem will be met with care and compassion.  Such a student will be directed towards an assessment, counseling, and/or rehabilitation program that will enable him to overcome his abuse or misuse of chemicals.  Any costs associated with assessment or treatment will be borne by the family of the student.


If any school personnel have reason to suspect chemical use by a student because of class performances, tardiness, cutting of classes, behavior in and/or out of the classroom, or through family or peer contact, the concerned person will refer the situation to the Dean of Students or to the school counselor.


General Computer/Internet Information

Detroit Cristo Rey provides Internet access to students as a means to facilitate resource-sharing, skills acquisition, and communication. Information gathered from the Internet is viewed in the same manner as other reference material in the school; such resources enhance the learning environment.


School personnel provide guidance to the student in the use of the Internet and monitor usage to the best of their ability. Controlling all materials on a global network, however, is impossible, and an industrious user may discover inappropriate information or perform inappropriate actions in spite of adult supervision. We encourage parents to have a frank discussion with their children about Catholic Christian values and how those beliefs should guide student activities while using the Internet.


Inappropriate use of the Internet is a serious matter. Although files stored on the Detroit Cristo Rey network are private, any computer files and/or e-mails that originate or reside on Detroit Cristo Rey computers/servers may be monitored at any time without prior notice to the student. Detroit Cristo Rey is not responsible for any damages the student may suffer, including the loss of data. The school is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of any information obtained through any school Internet connection.


Detroit Cristo Rey High School believes that technology is helpful when used appropriately.  However, it is the policy of Detroit Cristo Rey High School to

  • Block or filter Internet access to pictures that are: obscene, pornography, or harmful to minors (for    computers that are accessed by minors). 
  • Educate students about appropriate online behavior, including cyber bullying awareness and response and interacting with other individuals on social networking sites and in chat             rooms. Monitor online activities of students.
  • Block access by students to inappropriate matter on the Internet
  • Protect the safety and security of minors when using electronic mail, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications
  • Discourage and prohibit unauthorized access, this includes ‘hacking’, sending spam e mail, and other unlawful activities
  • Prevent unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal information regarding students
  •  Restrict student’s access to materials harmful to them


This policy is in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act [Public Law No. 106-554) and (USC 254 (h)].

All students are expected to conduct themselves via the internet in a manner befitting Detroit Cristo Rey. Any student whose behavior on the internet demonstrates either a serious disregard for the rights and dignity of self and others or the good name and reputation of Detroit Cristo Rey may be subject to disciplinary action. Students will be held responsible for material and messages posted on the internet through blogs, Webpages, Instagram, Snapchat, Face Book, Twitter, etc., regardless of whether the student used school, work, home, or other outside computers. It is important for students to understand that the internet is a very public forum where inappropriate messages and conduct can be monitored and viewed by anyone, thus jeopardizing the health, welfare, and safety of students and the entire Detroit Cristo Rey community.


The parent/guardian is responsible for any damage caused by the student’s inappropriate use of the Internet system. The failure of any user to follow the terms of this policy will result in the loss of privileges, disciplinary action, and/or appropriate legal action.


Acceptable use: Access to Detroit Cristo Rey’s Internet service must be for the purpose of education or

research, and be consistent with the educational objectives of the school. School officials may monitor any

use of the Internet.


Unacceptable use: The user is responsible for her/his actions and activities involving the Internet at school,

work, home, or other outside internet connection. Some examples of unacceptable uses are:

1) Using the network for any illegal activity, including violation of copyright laws or other contracts, or transmitting any material in violation of U.S. or State of Michigan regulations;

2) Unauthorized downloading of software;

3) Downloading copyrighted material for other than personal use;

4) Invading the privacy of individuals or using another user’s account or password;

5) Posting material authored or created by another without her/his consent;

6) Accessing, submitting, posting, publishing, or displaying any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, harassing, or illegal material;

7) Any form of plagiarism—i.e., claiming another person’s work through the Internet as one’s own;

8) Using the school’s technology resources for financial gain, credit card fraud, and electronic forgery, other illegal activity, and political purposes;

9)   Using the Internet for unauthorized purchases.

The Technology Coordinator may monitor user accounts, user activity, disk space usage, etc. and make determinations on appropriateness of usage.  If the Technology Coordinator has concerns about a student’s account, the Dean of Students and/or Principal may be notified.  If determined that a student used the internet for inappropriate purposes, disciplinary action may be taken.


Chromebook Policy

Each Detroit Cristo Rey High School student is eligible to receive an electronic notebook (Chromebook) to be used during the duration of his/her enrollment at the school.  This Chromebook is provided free of cost to the student, and remains free of cost, if all ownership and use conditions are met by the student and this contract is signed and returned to the Principal’s office.  Monitoring software will be installed for instructional purposes and classroom settings.


Conditions of Ownership

  •       The Chromebook is the sole responsibility of the student.
  •       The Chromebook is a critical part of the curriculum and learning while at DCRHS.  It must be treated with care and respect and brought to each class as instructed by the teacher. 
  •       If the student is unable to do so consistently, the cost of the Chromebook will be added to his/her tuition bill.
  •       Students will be responsible to manage and complete all assignments that require the use of the Chromebook and will not be given any special consideration with respect to grades if they do not have one.
  •       If the Chromebook is broken, misplaced, stolen, or otherwise unavailable, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the school as soon as possible. This is to be done by emailing the Help Line - [email protected] and providing information to help resolve the problem.
  •       Chromebook Loaners will be managed by the Faculty and students will not be allowed to check out chromebooks.  Please see your classroom teacher for chromebook access.
  •       If the Chromebook is broken:

o   If it is still under warranty, no expense will be charged to the student for the repair or replacement and a loaner will be provided until such time a new or repaired one is available.  This must be done by filling out the form in the IT office only.

o   If it is determined to be broken or unusable due to mis-use and lack of care and not covered under warranty or due to wear and tear, the student will be responsible for fixing or replacing the chromebook.

o   If the Chromebook is lost or unusable and the student chooses to buy a new one the cost will be $300.

o   If a charger is lost or does not work, chargers will be available to use in the IT office but cannot leave the office.  New chargers can be purchased for $30.

  • When the student graduates from DCRHS, the device is his/hers to keep
  • If the student does not graduate from the school, the device must be returned to the school upon his/her last day.  If it is not in working order, the cost of the Chromebook will be added to his/her tuition.  No transcripts will be released until all accounts are paid in full.
  • Local repair shops that could help repair the chromebook (keep in mind this will be close to a cost of new chromebook)
    • Hi Tec Computer Inc 313-849-2666
    • All About Technology  313-262-6186

 Conditions of Use


The use of the device is provisional, based on the following conditions:


  • The device remains the property of Detroit Cristo Rey High School until all requirements as noted above are completed and all use must be consistent with the Student Handbook, even when the device is being used outside of the school.
  • The device is intended only for the use of the student. It is not to be used by friends, family members or other students.

 If a student does not meet these conditions, they agree to return the device to the school.  The amount charged to his/her tuition statement, if any, will be based on the circumstances and the condition of the device upon return.

Your agreement to these conditions must be in the form of a signed contract (please see separate document) and returned to the Principal’s Office prior to the device being distributed for use.

 Technology Cheat Sheet

Technology Cheat Sheet



Microsoft Office-

           Username- email (i.e. [email protected]

           Password- #DCR5679#


           Sign in using the google icon and sign into your school email account


           Username and password are on the back of your Student ID

Corporate Work Study Program Expectations

 Program Overview

The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) provides students with real world job experiences and allows them to earn a portion of the cost of their education. It is an integral part of their educational experience at Detroit Cristo Rey. A positive attitude and a commitment to high standards of responsibility and behavior are required. While the CWSP strives to create an environment for success for its students, the student must take personal responsibility to ensure individual success by projecting a positive attitude, behaving in a mature manner, and acting like an adult while participating in the program.  Students are assigned to work at a Partnering organization five full days each month without missing any instructional time. Students gain valuable exposure to a variety of office environments and learn to work and act with adults in a professional atmosphere.


At the same time, students generate fees which are paid directly to the school in order to offset the full cost of education.  Students will be held to high standards of honesty and integrity. The use of a Partner’s telephone, office equipment, office services (i.e., Internet access, etc.), or office materials without a supervisor’s approval is tantamount to stealing and will not be tolerated. Students may not use the Internet or office equipment at work for any reason unless it is directly related to the performance of their job. Most Partners have a high level of internet security. Accessing unauthorized websites may lead to the corruption of their system and data by viruses and other destructive software. Internet social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and gaming websites are not to be accessed during work hours, lunch time, or breaks. If a student is found to be accessing these sites, they will receive an out of school suspension. A meeting with the CWSP Program Manager and Director must be scheduled for the student to return to school. A second offense will result in the student being fired from his/her job and may be expelled. 

Students are employees of the CWSP and are considered leased employees of the Partners. Students are not eligible for Partner benefits unless specifically told by their supervisor. Students should never presume that they may partake in these benefits.


Illness at Work

If a student becomes ill during work, the student’s supervisor will call the CWSP Transportation Director at the school, and he/she will arrange for transportation of the student back to school (parents are not to pick up students from work). The school will call the student’s parent/guardian in order for the student to be picked up from school. If a parent/guardian or emergency contact cannot be reached, the student will remain in the Principal’s Office until either the end of the school day or until someone can be reached. This will be considered a missed work day and a $200.00 fine will be added to the student’s tuition balance.

A student who is feeling seriously ill in the morning before school should not go to work. For this reason, any incident of a student leaving work early will be treated the same as an absence, and a $200.00 fine will be imposed. If the student becomes ill and must leave work, she/he must present a written note to the CWSP Office from a doctor or parent/guardian when she/he returns to school. If the student fails to bring a note, the departure from work will be treated as an unexcused absence from work.

 Detroit Cristo Rey High School CWSP Missed Work Day Policy

The Corporate Work Study Program at Detroit Cristo Rey High School is an integral part of a Cristo Rey student’s learning experience. Students gain meaningful professional skills and knowledge in addition to financially supporting their education through the wages earned from their work. Students are expected to be present and on time on each of their designated work days. In the event of an unavoidable missed work day, the student is expected to make up the lost time by attending a Make-Up Work Day, just as an academic absence would require a student to make up assignments missed in the classroom. The following sections outline the Missed Work Day Policy enforced by the Detroit Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program.


Section I - Excused Absences

Absences that may qualify as “excused” and are not subject to a make-up day or $200 fee are:

  • Death of immediate family member
  • Nationally-determined DCRHS-sponsored examinations, such as AP Exams
  • Weather-related all-school closures
  • Mandatory court appearances (documentation required)


Section II - Absences Resulting from an Extended Illness/Injury

The following absences may result in the removal of the student from the workplace, but the student shall not be subject to a penalty. “Extended” is taken to mean 3 or more missed days per semester which is subject to work partner discretion/approval. Appropriate medical documentation is required. The student may be placed at a new job placement upon returning to DCRHS.

  •   Extended hospital stay
  •   Extended injury/illness that prevents students from performing job duties (not COVID/Flu related)


Section III - Unexcused Absences

Absences not listed in Sections I or II do not qualify as “excused” and are subject to a make-up day or $200 fee. Some examples of unexcused absences are (list not exhaustive):

  • College visits
  • Appointments (doctor, dentist, specialist, etc.)
  • Vacations, including travel-related delays
  • Injuries/illnesses that do not fall into the “extended” category (see Section II)
  • Suspension
  • Present but not wearing mandatory uniform

- Extra curricular activities ( sports, field trips, club related events, etc)


Section IV - Consequences for Excessive Unexcused Missed Days

The accrual of 3 unexcused missed days per semester (see Section III) will result in a Disciplinary Board Review with the Director of Work Study, the Dean of Students and/or Principal, the student’s parent(s), and the student. The student will be placed on probation, during which time an additional absence may result in the student’s dismissal from the school.

 Section V - Scheduling Make-Up Days

Make-up days must be scheduled with the student’s supervisor and CWSP using the electronic Make-Up Day Form. Missed days must be made up by the deadlines outlined in the 2022-2023 Make-Up Day Schedule (see page 2) in order to avoid a penalty. A missed day not made up by its respective deadline will result in a $200.00 fine.




Section VI - Missing a Scheduled Make-Up Day

Changes to a scheduled make-up day must be communicated to the student’s supervisor and CWSP by 5:00 p.m. two business days prior to the scheduled make-up day to avoid penalty. Changes include, but are not limited to: a request to reschedule the make-up day, a request to be added to school transportation, and a request to be removed from school transportation. Failure to communicate changes to a scheduled make-up day by this time will result in a $200.00 fine and the forfeiture of the make-up day.


Section VII - Absences Excused by Supervisor

In the event that a supervisor excuses a student’s missed work day, the student will still be required to make it up in the form of completing a total of eight (8) hours of courses through our online learning system, Applied Educational System (AES) or Virtual Job Shadow, outside of work/school hours. AES courses taken during the work day or in the classroom will not count toward the eight hours needed to complete this requirement. The courses must be completed within the regular make-up timeframe (see “2022- 2023 Make-Up Day Schedule”). Failure to complete eight hours of AES courses per missed day by the deadline will result in a $200 fine.

2022-2023 Make-Up Day Schedule

If you missed in:

  You must make up your day by:

September 2022

  November 30,2022

October 2022

  December 30, 2022

November 2022

  December 30, 2022

December 2022

  December 30, 2022

January 2023

  February 28, 2023

February-March  2023

  April 28, 2023

April 2023-June 2023

  June 16, 2023

Section VIII - Absences from Work at School

In rare circumstances, students may be asked to work at the school instead of their regular workplace. In most cases, the student is required to report to school at the regular time and work at the school until the school day ends. If a student is absent from a day when they would otherwise be working at the school and the absence is unexcused, the student will be required to complete eight (8) hours of AES or Virtual Job Shadow courses outside of work/school hours with the same expectations outlined in Section VII. Failure to complete eight hours of AES or Virtual Job Shadow courses per missed day by the deadline will result in a $200.00 fine.


Section IX-Onboarding

Students must complete and submit all required procedures and onboarding documents with the required signatures which includes but are not limited to:

  • Missed Work Day Policy
  • Grading Policy
  • Remote Work Policy
  • Required Company Forms and procedures (eg. confidentiality agreements, testing, etc.)
  • Summer Training and US Department of Labor courses

by the date outlined by CWSP staff upon assignment. Students must attend all assigned onboarding appointments as designated by CWSP staff. Failure to comply with either requirement before the first day of work will result in a missed work day and subsequent $200 fee for each day that the student is assigned to work and has not completed the necessary onboarding documentation.

Section X - Punctuality

Students are transported to and from their workplace on DCRHS vans and buses. All students are to arrive by 7:30am for morning check-in in the commons. Students that miss the morning check-in before the bus departs will be sent home and the day will be considered missed. Parents and students are not permitted to drive students to a Partner Worksite  during normal Corporate Work Study/school hours. Being on time and ready to go to work is an important part of the cooperative work study experience. Tardiness is not permitted. 



I have read the Detroit Cristo Rey High School CWSP Missed Work Day Policy. I fully understand and agree to abide by this policy during the 2021-2022 school year.


Dress Code - CWSP

Student(s) that are out of dress code during a scheduled work day may be sent home and not allowed to work on that day. However, if reasonable accommodations can be provided so that the student can locate adequate resources to allow them to meet dress code standards prior to the DCR work transportation morning departure, the student will not be sent home.


Fines are added to the student’s tuition balance.

A student must make up any absence as soon as possible. Once an absence has been made up, the student is eligible to receive a tuition credit back for the original fine. The student is responsible for making the arrangements with her/his supervisor and notifying the CWSP Program Manager.  Students are responsible for arranging transportation to and from work for any day they must make up, if it is on a day that the CWSP is not providing transportation. If a Sponsor’s schedule offers no opportunity for the student to make up an absence, the student must schedule a make-up workday with the CWSP Program Manager to be served at school. Missing a scheduled make-up workday will be considered an additional absence and the student forfeits the full $200.00 fine and receives no refund.  The student will also be expected to meet with the CWSP Program Manager to review the policy. A meeting with the parent/guardian, CWSP Program Manager and CWSP Director must be scheduled if the student has more than three absences for any reason during the school year. A student is expected to make up all absences as outlined in the Missed Work Day Policy. If a student ends the school year with more than one absence that is not made up, it will result in a failing grade for the CWSP, and the student will be subject to suspension, expulsion or asked not to return to Detroit Cristo Rey the next school year.


Unsatisfactory Job Performance Rating and Being Fired

Detroit Cristo Rey High School student employees are expected to perform at the highest standards. They are providing a service to the Partners which generate fees that are applied toward tuition. If a student is not fulfilling their obligation and is rated Unsatisfactory on their Job Performance Review, or a Partner asks that a student be removed from a job, which means they are “Fired”, because they are not performing their job to the Partner’s satisfaction after coaching and instruction, the student will be deemed ineligible to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities. Both instances will result in a letter being mailed to notify the student’s parent(s)/guardian. A meeting will be required with the CWSP Student Program Manager, the Dean of Students, the student, and the parent(s)/guardian. The student will be ineligible until the CWSP Director agrees that the student has made the appropriate progress after review with the CWSP Program Manager. A student may not receive more than one unsatisfactory rating or be fired from more than one assignment during the school year. If a student does not improve their performance, he/she will be open to expulsion or asked not to return to Detroit Cristo Rey.


Taxes and Employability

Students earn real income through the CWSP. In their contracts, students and parents agree to assign this income to Detroit Cristo Rey High School to help offset the cost of the student’s education.  Because of the tax responsibility created by the program, every student is required to complete an IRS Form W-4 and an INS Form I-9. Students must be at least 14 years old to participate in the CWSP.


All students and parents/guardians are expected to read and follow the rules set forth in this Handbook and in the CWSP Contract as part of their agreement with the CWSP. Since Detroit Cristo Rey is the legal employer of the students, parents/guardians should not contact Partners directly for any reason.



The counseling department at Detroit Cristo Rey is committed to assisting all students and their families in meeting the demands of a college prep high school.  Counselors help students & families with problems that may arise in school, at home, or in the neighborhood. Counselors assist students in understanding their abilities and interests as well as formulating and achieving realistic goals, and maintaining satisfactory personal and social adjustments.  Counselors are a resource to the entire school community.


Athletics/Extracurricular Activities

Detroit Cristo Rey Athletics enriches a student’s school experience.  Sport activities are an extension of our educational program providing lessons in commitment, teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-discipline.  Through athletics students develop self-confidence, loyalty, perseverance, and leadership skills.  It is our goal to contribute to the developing character of each individual athlete through participation in organized sports.

 As a member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association and the Detroit Catholic League Detroit Cristo Rey supports the following sports teams:

 Fall                                             Winter                                         Spring

Cross Country (co-ed)                Men’s Basketball                     Track & Field (co-ed)   

Women’s Volleyball                    Women’s Basketball                   Women’s Soccer                           

Men’s Soccer                           Dance/Cheer                            Softball          

Wrestling (Club)                          Wrestling (Varsity)                      Baseball

Goals and Objectives

In accordance with the Detroit Cristo Rey philosophy the following goals and objectives have been established:

  1.     To adhere to the athletic code of Detroit Cristo Rey and the Michigan High School Athletic Association.
  2.     To exceed all attendance and academic requirements of Detroit Cristo Rey as practical evidence of loyalty to the proper attitude and philosophy of Detroit Cristo Rey.
  3.     To observe all policies regarding self-discipline as described in the Detroit Cristo Rey student handbook.
  4.     To practice fairly and play fairly, giving complete effort in all circumstances demonstrating sportsmanship at all times.
  5.     To demonstrate respect for opponents and officials before, during and after contests. 
  6.     To maintain the academic standards of Detroit Cristo Rey, keeping in perspective the priority of academics over athletics. 
  7.     To maintain the high level of competitiveness and outstanding athletic tradition of Detroit Cristo Rey.
  8.     To promote life skills in relationship to competitiveness, discipline, responsibility and accountability in Detroit Cristo Rey Athletics.
  9.     To promote school spirit by supporting other teams during the season.




Character is developed through participation in a variety of opportunities; therefore, it is the belief that Detroit Cristo Rey athletes participate in as many sports as possible, avoiding specialization in one sport.  It is recommended that students participate in a variety of the opportunities available.  When a student makes a commitment to Detroit Cristo Rey it takes precedence over the “outside” sport activities.  While “in season” it is recommended a student forgo other outside organized sports, fully dedicating their energy and time to the Detroit Cristo Rey sport.  Should conflicts occur, it is expected the Detroit Cristo Rey sport “comes first”.  If a serious conflict arises, it will become necessary for the student to choose which sport they will continue to participate in.


Steps for implementing our athletic code of Good conduct

Step 1 Prior to the start of each season the AD and all coaches will have a meeting and the Athletic Code of Good Conduct will be distributed and discussed.

 Step 2 Once the team is selected, each coach will sit down with their team to discuss the Athletic Code of Good Conduct.

 Step 3 Prior to the first game of the season, the Athletic Department will conduct a mandatory parent meeting.  The Athletic Code of Good Conduct will be distributed and discussed.


Campus Ministry

A series of experiences directed to help each student become a person for others provides the backbone of the Campus Ministry program.  We do this by, ‘Loving the God we cannot see by loving the neighbor we can.’ The rigor of the curriculum prepares the graduates to succeed in college, but more importantly to use her/his critical skills in a larger sense. The school wants to cultivate a consciousness of God’s continual presence and a passion for justice by recognizing that God desires a life of happiness and peace for everyone.  Detroit Cristo Rey challenges all involved to fulfill the God-given potential in everyone and to place that fullness at the service of others.  Jesus Christ is the model for this service. While such a notion is contrary to much of the contemporary understanding of success, Detroit Cristo Rey High School prepares each student to engage in a loving dialogue with the world upon graduation.


Detroit Cristo Rey combines the academic discipline of theology with a program of worship, retreats, and Christian Service. The Campus Ministry office coordinates all liturgies, retreats and service, offering a number of opportunities for students to grow in their faith and spirituality.


Liturgies and Prayer

Students and faculty are actively encouraged to be part of the planning and execution of all liturgies and school-wide prayer.



Retreats and Christian Service

Students have various opportunities throughout the school year to participate in religious retreats and Christian service projects. Participation in retreats and service projects is required. Additionally, seniors are required to participate in their graduation/class overnight retreat.


Christian/Community Service Requirement

Performing 40 hours of service (or more) over the four years of high school is a graduation requirement. (10 hours per year to move to the next grade)

Message from Campus Ministry

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome back to Detroit Cristo Rey, we are excited to have you back! I wanted to communicate some changes regarding service hours at DCR. Beginning this school year, 2022-2023, all students must complete a minimum of 10 hours to move on to the next grade level. This new policy will help students to complete the total required 40 service hours by the time they graduate. This means that students this year will have 10 hours of their total 40 hours going into the following 2023-2024 school year.   Seniors this year still need to make sure they complete their full 40hrs in order to graduate.

As a reminder, service hours are only counted toward graduation if they meet our criteria. Working for your parents or friends or neighbors for free does not count as service hours. Service hours can be counted when working with an organization or school group that helps the community. Many examples can be found here.  Students can record their service hours here.  

We will have numerous opportunities throughout the year to complete your hours with Campus Ministry, so please check in with us! Many student groups also provide many opportunities for community service so please consider getting involved with a group on campus.

We look forward to a great year and pray for each of you and your families every day.

Remember that each of you loved by all of us here at DCR.

General School Policies

Lockers and Locks

Lockers and locks are the property of Detroit Cristo Rey High School.  The following rules apply to the use of lockers;

  •   Lockers may be inspected at any time by the administration of Detroit Cristo Rey High School.  Students are assigned a locker.  Lockers cannot be switched without approval from the Dean of Students or shared with other students.
  •   Lockers are not to be defaced, damaged or destroyed.  This means graffiti, stickers and other artwork is not permitted on lockers 
  •   Lockers are to be closed and locked when student is not actively using the locker
  •   Tampering with another student’s lock or locker is not permitted
  •   Open food items should not be stored in the lockers
  •   Students may not share a locker with another student.

Violations of the locker policy may result in disciplinary action.


Student Pick-up/Drop - off

Students may be dropped off and picked up in the rear parking lot

Parents/students should follow required traffic pattern


Change of Personal Information

Each student is expected to notify the Principal’s Office promptly if there is any change in address, telephone number, parent or guardian occupation, or any other pertinent information.  Students/parents are recommended to provide an email address when available.


Child Abuse

By law, the State of Michigan requires school personnel to inform the Department of Children and Family Services of any allegation/suspicion of child abuse/neglect.


Detroit Cristo Rey Campus

Detroit Cristo Rey High School is a closed campus school. Permission is needed to be off campus between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:30pm p.m. Students leaving campus during school hours without permission will be subject to immediate suspension.  Students waiting for rides after school are not permitted to leave campus to go to any restaurant or store and then return to school.


Emergency School Closing

In the event of a school closing due to severe weather or an emergency, Detroit Cristo Rey High School will make every effort to notify the following local Radio and TV stations before 6:00 a.m.:

WDIV TV 4                 WXYZ TV 7                      WJR AM 760         WJBK   FOX 2      WWJ   News-radio 950

In addition, we will post the information on the school website and use a School Messenger System to alert families as well as leave a voice message on the school phone system.  Student safety is the most important consideration during severe weather conditions; therefore, parents should use their own judgment about sending their child to school, if the weather is particularly bad.

Food Service

 NEW THIS YEAR - Hot breakfast and lunch is prepared and cooked onsite daily. If the student prefers a salad for lunch instead of the main entree, fresh salads will be available.

The student's ID will be scanned during lunch using our new Meal Magic software.   Although breakfast and lunch is free for all students this school year, a la carte items will be added to the menu and available for purchase.  To purchase these items, the student must have an online account and have funds available.  The prepayments can be made via online payment at or via check turned in to the Business Office payable to "AOD School Food Program".  If a check is received, the funds will be deposited into the student's online account.

We strive to keep a clean and environmentally friendly Student Commons. To that end, we serve food on compostable plates and have stainless steel flatware. These costs are incurred by the DCR Food Service program.  To keep costs down, please do not throw compostable plates and flatware away. Throw leftover food away only and then stack the plates and place the flatware in the bins provided. 

All Other Food

Food for students is restricted to the assigned eating areas during breakfast and lunch periods. Students are not allowed to have food, snacks, or drinks in the rest of the building.  The only exception to this is if a teacher arranges with the Principal’s Office for a special event ahead of time.



Each Detroit Cristo Rey High School student will be issued an identification card at the beginning of the school year. All students are required to wear their Detroit Cristo Rey Student I.D. card and school issued lanyard at all times during school, work, and school related activities.  I.D. cards are required for admittance to school activities, dances and sporting events.  If a student loses his/her I.D. card, they must report to the Dean’s office for replacement.  There will be a charge of $5.00 for replacement I.D. cards.  Failure to wear I.D. may result in disciplinary action.  Identification cards are to be given to the Dean of Students in the event of expulsion. 


Medication Policy

All medications must be kept in the Principal’s Office. Medications will be given only to students who have a medication form on file in the Principal’s office signed by a parent or guardian. Prescription medication must be brought in annually in pharmacy-labeled containers and registered in the Principal’s Office.  A permission form is available for students to take over the counter pain relief or antacids.



Student solicitations (fundraisers, collections, etc.) of any kind are not permitted unless first approved by the Principal’s Office.


Student Activities

Student participation in club-oriented activities is strongly encouraged. The purpose of any extracurricular activity is to complement and enhance the educational experience of the students. Participation, however, is a privilege, not a right. All students involved in extracurricular activities will be required to meet eligibility requirements. For the good of the student’s overall academic welfare, this privilege may be revoked at any time.


Given the nature of Detroit Cristo Rey’s work program, conflicts will arise between work schedules and activities.  Work always takes precedence over extracurricular activities. A student may not miss any work in order to participate, nor should the student ask her/his supervisor for an exception under any circumstance.


Activities and clubs are overseen and managed by the Principal and Dean. Sports are overseen by the Athletic Director. Students participating in sports must have a report of a physical less than 365 days old on file with the school.


Student Parking Permit

Students that have reached the legal driving age will be allowed to drive their vehicle to Detroit Cristo Rey High School.  Students must park their vehicle in the DCRHS designated parking area – in the student parking area which is the rear of the parking lot.  Students must obtain a parking pass from the Director of Administration before parking in the school lot. There is no cost for the parking permit as long as the rules are followed.  If the permit is not displayed in a manner that is easily visible or if the student loses the permit, a $15.00 replacement fee will be charged.  The student may not park in the lot, or on campus property, without a permit.  Students must complete an information form and present their driver’s license, registration and insurance when obtaining the permit.  Parent signature on the form is required. 



All guests to classes must have approval from the Principal’s Office prior to their visit. All visitors must report to the Security Desk to sign in; additionally, visitors must wear identification indicating their presence at the school. 


Tuition and Other Financial Information

Detroit Cristo Rey provides an affordable means of education for young people and their families. By attending Detroit Cristo Rey, students automatically receive a sizable amount of financial assistance.


The estimated cost of education for the school year is $13,000 per student. Families contribute a maximum of $3,000.00 toward the cost of educating their students. Our innovative CWSP and the fundraising efforts of our development office enable us to provide a very competitive education at a fraction of the total cost per student.


Work Study Program Earnings

When a student enrolls at Detroit Cristo Rey High School, she/he becomes an employee of the Corporate Work Study Program and is assigned to a Sponsoring Organization. By working five full days a month throughout the school year, each student generates approximately $7,500 towards her/his education.


Like any job, a day missed means that the student does not earn that revenue. Students will be charged $200.00 for every missed day of work. Students are required to make up each missed day within the timeframe outlined in the Missed Work Day Policy. Once an absence has been made up, or proof of an excused absence is shown to CWSP staff, the student is eligible to receive credit back from the original fine ($200.00 for a full day).  No student will be transported to work late. Any student arriving after DCR transportation has left on their work day will be sent home and assessed a Missed Work Day fee on their student account.

Family Contribution Payment Plan

The maximum family contribution for the school year is $3,000.00.  Some families may qualify for financial aid. Based on this, a student’s actual out-of-pocket tuition will be determined on an individual basis and provided by the business office. Detroit Cristo Rey uses a tuition management system called FACTS.  FACTS accounts must be completed online by the first full day of school. Every family must register in the system regardless of tuition balance. Tuition may be paid in any of the following four payment options:  Ten payments (September through June; Five payments (Sept/Nov/Jan/March/April); Three payments (Sep/Jan/April) and Two payments (Sep/Feb) or One payment (Sept.) with a 10% discount. The entire balance can always be paid in full at any time.  Late payments will result in a $10.00 late fee and will be added to your bill. Late fees will NOT be waived if there is no attempt to contact the school prior to the payment being late.  The student’s account for the prior year must be paid in full before the start of the new school year.   If accounts become more than 2 months past due during the school year, your student may not be able to attend classes until a payment is made or a payment plan is arranged.   Please contact the business office for payment arrangements. Any questions should be directed to Areli Garcia or Lori Kuhn at 313-843-2747 in the business office.


Payment Methods

Payments may be made online, over the phone or by mail.  Payments may be made with check, money order, and credit or debit card. A 2.65% convenience fee applies to all credit/debit card payments made through FACTS. They accept all major credit/debit card providers. Auto payments are also available via checking or savings account or from your credit/debit card. You simply insert your checking/savings account information or your credit/debit card information. Statements are mailed or emailed each month and should reflect any payments and/or charges incurred the previous month.   If you notice a discrepancy on your statement, please bring it to the attention of the business office immediately.


Failure to Make Payment

Students with delinquent accounts may be suspended from class and may not be able to participate in extracurricular activities. However, arrangements can be made by contacting the business office.  Families of withdrawing students must pay all of the tuition due and other balances through the end of the month in which the student officially withdraws from school. No official records will be released until all money owed to the school is paid in full.  If there are special circumstances that prevent making a payment on time, please make an appointment with the business office to discuss the situation prior to the payment being late.  If your financial situation changes during the year, please make an appointment to discuss and be prepared to show documentation of your change in income.


Returned Checks (NSF, invalid signature, account closed, etc.)

A $30.00 fee will be applied to any check returned to the Business Office.  Persons writing more than one returned check will not be allowed to make future payments with personal checks.  If the tuition account becomes past due as a result of the returned check, a $10.00 late fee will be charged in addition to the $30.00 returned check fee.


Acquired Charges

Any additional charges/fees such as: late fees, work study program fines, lost book fees, lunch fees, etc., will be handled within FACTS as “incidentals”. Payment options are the same as for tuition. Acquired charges left unpaid will be treated the same as tuition and will be past due.


Late Fees

A $10.00 late fee is applied for each month that any account is past due.  If, after the 5-day grace period, an account has an outstanding balance for any reason, late fees will be charged and will accumulate until the account is brought up to date.


FACTS manages the tuition payment program for DCRHS and follows the policies established by DCRHS. Please note that tuition amounts, tuition aid, scholarships and all other tuition related decisions are made by DCRHS.




Calendar of Work Holidays for 2022-2023

Students begin work at sponsor sites beginning Tuesday, September 6, 2022. The Work Study Program asks that sponsors allow students to take the following days off from work:



September                  Labor Day                              Friday, September 2 & Monday, September 5, 2022


November                   Election Day                                   Tuesday, November 8, 2022                 

                                    Thanksgiving                     Wednesday Nov. 23, Thursday Nov. 24, Friday Nov. 25, 2022


December                   Christmas Break              Saturday, December 18, 2021 thru Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022


January                       Martin Luther King Day    Monday, January 18, 2022


February                     Mid-Winter Break               Friday, February 17 & Monday, February 14, 2022


April                            Easter Break                    Saturday, April 9 thru Sunday, April 17, 2022


May                            Memorial Day                      Monday, May 30, 2022


There are some days when school is not in session but students are required to work.  Those days are identified on the School Calendar. 


If you have any questions about the contents of this Student/Parent Handbook, please call the Dean of Students Office for clarification.




Policies Disclaimer

The policies outlined in the Detroit Cristo Rey High School Student/Parent Handbook represent a framework. The contents are not exhaustive and should not be considered comprehensive of all Detroit Cristo Rey policies. Statements in this Handbook are subject to amendment whenever the school deems it necessary.  Detroit Cristo Rey will attempt to keep parents/ guardians informed of all changes as soon as practical. Some changes may be made immediately due to unforeseen circumstances.